Dear Internet: You can relax. We’re here now.

Hi Internet,

We are Dave and James. We know that traditionally, the Internet has been viewed as solely a bias-confirming news outlet and pornographic material distribution system, and that as far as our research (read: two and a half solid of minutes of intense Googling) can tell, there is absolutely no other “comedy” on the web, and that this is probably a very big concern for you. Fear not, Internet Citizens, for we have our official home now, and you happen to be on it.

Right now¬†we’re working on a new album and a subsequent live show to present that material. But come back here daily for a fresh dose of what we have to offer. We’re thinking of doing either a bunch of pictures of cats, or maybe a series of images that have snarky sayings on them. Do you all think either of those have a chance of becoming “virusy” as the saying goes? If not, we’re totally open to just turning this site into a 24/7 spank-a-thon for fans of Star Wars fanfic or toes that are all completely the wrong sizes.

Anyway, be sure to check out our YouTube channel and our music page, and if you’re into this “social media” thing that’s going around right now, check us out on one of our 18,000 social media destinations!

Love and Butts,

Dave and James



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