A New and Improved Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about cosmetic surgery lately. I found some sag in my taint. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve seen my fair share of taint. I wouldn’t say I’m a taint lover but my eyes do gravitate to taint when available.
Anyways, I’m sagging. So I have been looking into the alternatives, options allowed to make me a better me. Women seem to have the most possibilities to alter there own natural appearance. Improve upon what was meant to be left alone. Breasts, of course, lead the charge. Bolt on lady parts that allow women to purchase larger bras.

Vaginal rejuvenation so that you can have the crotch of a 12 year old. Giant puffy lips that makes eating an ice cream cones less labor intensive. Ass implants so that sitting is more comfortable. Women can tweak head to heel and become an actual object to be objectified instead of that flesh and blood crap we all are burdened with.
Men have less options. Face lifts that make it so the “mannequin” look can be obtained. Testicle tucks reduce the times your nuts are sat on in a single day. They have not perfected the cock extension or girth correction. The day that happens will become an official holiday instantly. A pump implant would go over well so that your sexual partner can “choose your own adventure”.

I’m trying to think outside the box. Taint tuck is needed to be sure but I also want to see if I can switch my calf muscles with my ass muscles. If we are going to “update” ourselves, let’s really move the line.



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