The Musical Stylings of Dave and James


YT_CHANNEL_LOGODave and James are currently working on a new album and a new live show to present the material from the new album.







Dave and James performed musical comedy as the band 4.5″ Raw and released the album Love Salve. The album is currently available at live shows and by directly contacting Dave and James.


Tracks with hyperlinks can be streamed and downloaded and give sweet, sweet aural sex.

  1. “S” In My “M”
  2. Measurement Issues (Sketch)
  3. Rock Out With Your Cock Out
  4. Todd’s Song
  5. My Pink Pony
  6. Ride a Bike! (Sketch)
  7. The Malodorous Waltz
  8. Status Quo
  9. Emotive Hardcore
  10. Side Projeck (Sketch)
  11. Love Cauldron
  12. FYMF
  13. Ba-billion Dollar Idea (Sketch)
  14. Party Boy
  15. Fight Downtown
  16. What’s Your Wallet In? (Sketch)
  17. The Fields Need Turning
  18. Sans Nasty (Sketch)
  19. The Cleanest Song
  20. Pink Pony (early demo)
  21. Pink Pony (later demo)